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Wdzydze Landscape Park

Wdydze Landscape Park was created in 1983, covering the land of 17.8 thousand hectares (15.2 thousand lagging ha) - an area belonging to Tucholski Forest, in the Kościerskie County. Created to protect natural, cultural and landscape values. Central part of a gutter system in the lake Wdzydze cross (Wdzydze Lake, Jelenie Lake, Radolne Lake and Gołuń Lake) with sides of lengths 9 and 11 km and the surface of 1455.6 ha and a maximum depth of 71.4 m. The Lake has as many as ten islands, which are the natural, landscapes and tourist wealth in the park. In addition to the complex lake Wdzydze there are over 160 lakes and ponds.

Surface water represents 11% of the park. The basic form of the terrain Wdzydze Landscape Park is the outwash plain in a broad cone-shaped by melting glacier water. The abundance of forests and lakes associated Wda River and its tributaries, and diverse landforms present in the Landscape Park unique tourist attractions and recreational facilities - including water tourism without the forms of motorsport and motorboat. Low population in the area contributed to relatively small transformation of nature.

Wdzydze Lakes team is the only reservoir in Poland with the endemic variant called wdzydze lake trout, which spawn in the rivers Wda and Trzebiocha.

Interesting fauna include the Park beavers and otters, whose population is increasing from year to year, while the bird life - crane, sawyer-billed (50% of the Polish population is in the Park), white-tailed eagle, hoopoe, owl, Long-eared owl, buzzard, swan (ferox, loud and dumb), osprey, sandpiper and numerous species of woodland, aquatic and grassland small birds. In Park's flora more than 600 species of vascular plants were found; including many under legal protection such as orchids, sundews, water 'lobelia', Isoetes lacustris.

There is one nature reserve "Krwawe Doły" and postulated a further twenty including "Trzebiocha", "Głęboczko", "Lipno and Lipionko. "Motowęże", “Torfowisko nad jeziorem Polgoszcz”. Reserve "Krwawe Doły” - floristic and forest. The aim is to protect characteristic for Tucholski Forest, protected plants and lichen, which are mostly or only found in Tucholski Forest.

Large numbers of tourists enjoy the events held in the Park organized by Kashubian Ethnographic Park, and the Association of Municipalities, ie: Fair Wdzydze, a tournament in many folk storytellers,  St. Barbara's Day in December, organ concerts in July and August.

Other Places in The Park, which are worth seeing:

Due to the numerous, clear lakes and rivers, and beautiful nature and landscape of the Park is very often visited by tourists. Prepared for those wishing to relax in nature Wdzydzki Landscape Park has hiking trail (walking path by the lake Rzuno in Dziemiany, walking path Wdzydze Kiszewskie, nature educational trail - “Route five lakes”, natural walking educational path - in Juszki), cycling (bicycle path "Loop Przytarnia" Karsin county, natural bicycle path "Lipno Loop" Dziemiany county, bicycle path "Around the Lakes Wdzydze", bicycle route Kościerzyna – Wdzydze Kiszewskie, nature trail - the trail of Wdzydzki Landscape Park [start and end of the route in the Green School in Schodno, Dziemiany county], cycle route Lipusz – Wdzydze Kiszewskie); canoe routes (Route of the River Wda) with decorated scenic places where you can admire the wildlife and landscape of water and forests.

Special role in promoting of the value of recreational and educational of the park in the use of the full value of the Green School in Schodno (the Dziemiany County). School offers a rich program of educational workshops and observations of nature. On the basis of the Green Schools signposting two nature trails: cycling Schodno-Wdzydze Kiszewskie (length about 30 km) and walking around the lake Schodno (about 8 km in length). On the paths there are 'teaching signs' indicating the most wonderful values of natural and landscape interest in Wdzydzki Landscape Park.

The purpose of landscape conservation is to preserve the structure of land use, existing shelter belts and architectural designs and land use characteristic for the region of Kashubia.

Places that Deserve Attention:

Interesting landscape trails in the Wdzydzki Landscape Park:

Agricultural land, forest and other property located within a landscaped park remain in business use, but any activity can diminish the value of the park.

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