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Museum - Kashubian Ethnographic Park in honor of Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski

The beginnings of the Museum Wdzydze Kiszewskie go back to 1906. Its creators, Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski were founders, first on Polish soil, a museum “on open air”. They opened it in the eighteenth - century peasant cottage, which they bought from a local host – Michal Hinc. There they gathered, the typical for that time, household and farm, and a valuable collection of gold-embroidered traditional hats (czepiec), paintings on glass and ceramics.

Scientific activities and social passions of the founders of the Museum led to the development of local handicrafts and discovered the beauty of Kashubian folk art, which lies in the intricate and colorful  Wdzydze's embroidery.

Currently, more than 100 - years, the museum has 22 ha area situated on the shores of Lake Gołuń built facilities of regional architecture. Cottages, manor houses, school, blacksmith shop, windmills, church, farm buildings and workshops - 45 objects Kashubia and Kociewie demonstrate the richness and diversity of rural architecture from the period from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Faithfully reproduced the interior with authentic furnishings, equipment run time and industries characterize the area, unusual climate, picturesque location and magnified qualities of the surrounding nature.


The museum is open for business:

Masses are held in the historic church on Sundays at 8 AM.


Guided tours - 50 zł / hour.
Photography and filming purely amateur

Normal - 10,60 zł, reduced - 7,50 zł, School Trips- 7 zł / person

On Mondays possible visit to the Museum free of charge except for interiors from 10 AM to 2 PM!
Please arrive at least 1 hour before closing of the Museum.
Free parking at the Museum Coach excursion groups.


Permanent Exhibition

Thematic exhibitions

Temporary and occasional exhibitions

Educational program  - Shows, classes, workshops - from May to September to help individuals and groups

Events organized for request:
Occasional performances of folk bands from Poland and abroad, and organ concerts
Sale of folk art, handicrafts, souvenirs and thematic publications
Organization of weddings and occasional Masses in the eighteenth - century church

83-406 Wąglikowice
Tel. (058) 686-12-88 & 686-11-30


Open from May to September
Piotr Kolinski
Tel / Fax (058) 686-27-42 & 605-424-622
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