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Dunes in Leba

ŁEBA - The first historical mention of the settlement from 1282 was a Slowinska village, located on the western side of the river, inhabited by fishermen, boat builders and sailors. The history of Leba is associated with Słowińcami (the residents of Slowinska village) and Kashubians. In 1357 Leba received city rights. Natural disasters, severe storms that caused the residents agree to move to the east of Leba Estuary. The mighty storm in 1570 made the final destruction and what was the old Leba showered quicksand. Only the ruins of the old church survived, and they now remind people of those times.

Leba is now a resort for vacationing tourists. Quicksand - dunes of the desert landscape create beautiful, unique in Europe, often called the Polish Sahara. Dunes are derived from marine sand devoid of humus, are white.

Mobile sand dunes are a unique tourist attraction - Natural sensation Slowinski National Park.
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