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Chicken Fricassee

Chicken Fricassee

Very good and easily digestible dish. In particular, liked by youngsters.

1 chicken, special spices, pepper, salt, sugar, rice 3.5 cups. / for 4 persons, 3 cups of milk, tablespoon of butter

3 tablespoons of flour, 15 dag of butter, 3 cups of broth, lemon juice, sugar, 0.5 cup of cream, 5 egg yolks, 10 dag of Raisin

Description of preparation:
Hen pour cold water boil at a very low heat adding spices. Pour over rice, boil water, pour boiling milk, add salt and a tablespoon of butter and put into the oven. Melt butter add flour, make clear 'zasmażka', spread it with cold broth mixed that there is no lumps, add rest of ingredients to sauce. Sauce should be sweet-sour taste.

At the end add raisins. On a large platter arrange the wreath of rice in the center and arrange chicken around the rice, pour the sauce, giving the rest of it in the sauce bowl. Decoration can be made of the  vegetable removed from broth.


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